PHO - The most famous Vietnam's food

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PHO - The most famous Vietnam's food

Pho Bat Dan, Pho Ly Quoc Su , Pho Thin ... are names of the most popular noodle shops in Hanoi that everyone who have a chance to eat will never forget .
PHO is the essence of Vietnamese cuisine and appears in all parts of the country. However, Hanoi pho is the best among all. For such a long time, noodle has become familiar and has been regarded as a cultural characteristic of Hanoi. Below is a list of the tasty noodle shops in Hanoi with special flavors that visitors should try at least one time when coming to Hanoi.

Pho Bat Dan

When speaking about Pho Bat Dan, people will think of a long line of people standing and waiting for their turns to enjoy Pho. However, everyone still looks calm and some people even bring along with them newspapers to read while waiting for their turns. Pho Bat Dan is delicious with fresh beef, aromatic, sweet taste stewed bone , which is exactly the traditional food of Hanoi .
Until now, the pho Bat Dan seems to have become a brand name familiar to people of the capital . Over many years, Pho Bat Dan basically retains the full flavor of ancient Hanoi pho, fragrant and creamy, with the fresh beef that make the flavor of pho even more tasty.

Pho Thin

Not only the sweetness of the noodle served with different kinds os spices , Pho Thin makes a strong impression by its fried beef, which can hardly be found in other Pho shops. Beef is fried on a high-temperature furnace, quickly flipped, with fire flaring up and then its color will turn immediately to the beautiful color and tasty really good.
The professional chef carefully puts noodle with onion to create a mountain shaped bowl. Water is then added and a bowl of Pho is ready to be served. Pho shop usually opens from 5 am to 9 pm and it is crowded and full of customers all day long.

Pho Ly Quoc Su

This brand of noodle has existed for decades. Pho Ly Quoc Su is the choice of the majority of customers not only by the attractive, delicious flavors of the noodle but also by the decoration of the restaurants and the service attitude of staff . Pho Ly Quoc Su Restaurants are spacious and clean in comparison with the space of other noodle shops in Hanoi .

The quality of pho noodle in Ly Quoc Su restaurant is really good but the price is affordable. The space bar is suitable for the office's diners to eat and even discuss about work .

Phở Sướng

A noodle shop with a very special name which means like "Joy". As the name of the restaurant, with a bowl of noodle in this shop, diners taste is fully met. The water here is sweet and the beef is considered the second best among all noodle shops in Hanoi . Meat is well cooked but not dry. Undercooked beef is poached rather carefully while maintaining the softness and freshness of meat.

Pho Van Hang Chieu Street
Tiny noodle shop on the pavement but is still special enough for the busy visitors to eat here each morning . This shop only sells beef noodle with all kinds of beef. Though crowded and cramped as always but diners can still be assured that they will be served in just 1-2 minutes.