Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnam

10/11/2020 By:Admin
Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnam

The traditional paper masks, distinct and recognizable like the full moon during the Mid-Autumn festival, have for years been a favorite tradition among Vietnamese children. During the night of the festival, children parade around the neighborhood, wear colorful paper masks and carry with them bobbing lanterns to illuminate the streets - a sort of trick or treat equivalent to Halloween. Families join in the celebration, especially the young ones who bring life to the artfully crafted masks, making them even more colorful.

Wearing paper mask is a precious tradition in Vietnam. They are completely handmade and always linger the smell of paper and glue. Local people love the simplicity of this tradition, which has existed for centuries. However, it now is being replaced by other toy that is more modern. If you have time to visit Hanoi, you should visit a shop in the Old Quarter selling paper masks and you can make yourself a mask. There is only a few areas continuing this tradition until now.

Note: It may take a day or two days for the paper masks that you create to dry under the sun, depending on the weather. While you learn how to make one, the masks that you will eventually paint on and take home with you will be a ready made handmade mask that has already been dried. So what of your mask? Think about it, some child in Hanoi will wear your mask when it is eventually sold in the market.