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The world's best cities for food
The world's best cities for food
Topten cities with the most famous food from around the world.

Hanoi Old Quarter Beer
Hanoi Old Quarter Beer
After a long hot summer day, along with the noisy and crowded traffic, besides the Old Quarter, monuments and temples, Hanoi is also unique and famous for its Beer.

PHO - The most famous Vietnam's food
PHO is the essence of Vietnamese cuisine and appears in all parts of the country. However, Hanoi PHO is the best among all. For such a long time, noodle has become familiar and has been regarded as a cultural characteristic of Hanoi

Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnam
Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnam
The traditional paper masks, distinct and recognizable like the full moon during the Mid-Autumn festival, have for years been a favorite tradition among Vietnamese children

Is the banh mi the world’s best sandwich?
A product of Vietnam’s colonial past, the beloved concoction combines a crunchy French baguette with pork, pate and an ever-changing array of fresh vegetables.

The world's best airports
The world's best airports
Which airport has been voted the world's best for the third year in a row?

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